Tiny Dynamo


138 pages, includes a TIMELINE of Israeli
inventions 1948-2012


Paperback: $14.95
Kindle e-book: $9.95


How one of the world’s smallest countries is producing some of our most important inventions.


Tiny Dynamo is an inspiring collection of 21 easy-to-read stories about Israeli inventions that are changing the world. Each story details the inventor, how they came up with their idea, the challenges they faced, and how with determination they turned them into reality.  

There are inventions you might know about–like the Flash Drive or the tiny PillCam, a one-inch pill you swallow that takes an 8-hour video of your insides–but you will discover new ones, like the Biodegradable Food Packaging created by a Israeli computer engineer mom tired of recycling all the time; or the scientist whose young son asked him while watching Disney why people can’t breathe under water like fish can, so he invented Like-a-Fish, a mechanism that eliminates unwieldy oxygen tanks.  


Learn from the author her theory on why it is that a tiny country in the middle of the desert found a way to take salt out of the ocean and help solve the world’s drinking problem, or WeCU–an Airport Security System that stops terrorists in their tracks using physiological stimula…

So often what you read about Israel is war and hostile neighbors, but Tiny Dynamo gives you another perspective–a positive can-do society where ordinary citizens are inventing extraordinary things.    

Whether you are an entrepreneur, interested in medicine or technology, a fan of Israeli innovation, or just want to dip into some great short stories, you will find Tiny Dynamo a compelling read.